LSE academics visited INALCO (03. 2018)

Dr Xiang  Hua and Dr Shi  Lijing from LSE visited INALCO on the 26th of March, 2018. It was a short trip but was packed with different activities.  Guo Jing Laoshi  (INALCO) arranged two LSE teachers to meet students and teachers of INALCO, as well as to observe two interactive lessons both of which were inspiring.

The details of this year project arrangement were discussed as well as many ideas for the future, including how to encourage more students’ interaction, how to strengthen collaborations among three institutions, and how to build up possible research projects based on our three years of practices.

Overall, it was a very nice trip improved project partners’ understanding and can be a springboard for more collaboration to come in the future.

Thank you! Merci! 谢谢!

updated by L.Shi